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2019 Pritzker Prize: Arata Isozaki!

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It’s a geat News that Arata Isozaki was chosen as the 2019 Pritzker Prize!

The 2019 Pritzker Prize Is Awarded to Arata Isozaki

Whether it’s deserving can be debated, but today’s major architects are often associated with showmanship and ego. For many, to win a competition is a must, and being distinguished with the world’s biggest awards becomes a necessity. And there’s no bigger award than the annual Pritzker Architecture Prize.

arata isozaki wins 2019 pritzker prize for a lifetime of work

the annual award honors architects whose built work demonstrates a combination talent, vision, and commitment. last year, arata isozaki has been selected as the 2019 pritzker architecture prize laureate – the award often referred to as architecture’s highest honor.

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Arata Isozaki Named 2019 Pritzker Prize Laureate

Arata Isozaki has been named the 2019 laureate of the Pritzker Prize for Architecture. Isozaki, who has been practicing architecture since the 1960s, has long been considered an architectural visionary for his transnational and fearlessly futurist approach to design. With well over 100 built works to his name, Isozaki is also incredibly prolific and influential among his contemporaries.

Pritzker Prize 2019: Arata Isozaki wins ‘Nobel of architecture’

Written by Bard Wilkinson, CNN Eminent Japanese architect Arata Isozaki has won the Pritzker Prize, the “Nobel of architecture,” it was announced Tuesday. The prize’s jury said the 87-year-old had been named 2019’s Pritzker laureate, known internationally as architecture’s highest honor, due to his original and “visionary” approach.